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Many people have some questions about li Ziqi. We collected them and simply answered them. Hope to help them better understand Ziqi.

 Who is Li Ziqi? real?age, weibo, Youtube Channel, married, Mianyang, Sichuan, family grandmother, music

1. Who is Li Ziqi? LiZiqi biography.

2. Is Liziqi real?

  • Yes. It is real.

3. Li Ziqi's age?

  • It is impolite to ask the girl's age. But she was born in 1990.

4. Li Ziqi's weibo

5. li ziqi's Youtube Channel

6. Is Li Ziqi married?

  •  No. She is not married yet.

7. Li Ziqi vlogger age

  • At the beginning of 2016, Li Zikai began to shoot video. The previous videos were compiled, filmed, starred, and edited by herself.

8. Where does Li Ziqi live?

  • She lives with her grandmother in her own home in Mianyang, Sichuan, China.

9. Li Ziqi's family

  • She is an orphan and grows up with her grandmother.

10. Li Ziqi's music

  • The background music of those videos were not created by her. Because these music are copyrighted, and many of them are Chinese name music, we are currently unable to translate and share it with everyone.


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March 08, 2020

you are amazing Liziqi .I want to meet you once and i want know your educational qualifications

Wendy Vermette

March 08, 2020

I accidentally came across one of your videos one afternoon. In the video you had picked persimmon fruit and showed how to preserve it by drying it. After seeing that video I had to watch more of them and I have discovered that your work brings a great deal of enjoyment to my life. I also love how you show respect for your grandmother and how you take care of her. She is such a sweet person. In your earlier videos you used to put English subtitles on them so I could follow along and I was wondering if you could do it again please. Thank you do very much for everything you are teaching us. I wish the very best of good health to you and your family.

Patricia Hammes

February 28, 2020

Who works all the gardens you pick the beautiful fruit and vegetables!


February 04, 2020

💗thank you for sharing your beautiful life with us💗

Sanjay Rathod

December 27, 2019

Sach a beautiful n lovely place

I like she n she’s work

God help to
meet her

Efleda Habaluyas

September 04, 2019

Hi. I am from South Carolina, USA. I know that your name is Li Ziqi. Please forgive me but I want to know your full name. Is Li your first name and Ziqi your last? I have read everything about you and appreciated your honesty to let all your fans know as much about you as possible! Your story is so heartfelt and honest. Your love for your grandmother is so amazing to see and read about.

I know that with today’s technology the stuff that’s really hard to do become easier with just one post, one press of a button, delete, send, etc. I really appreciate how you cook, build, write, sew, make paper – all done in the old fashioned Chinese tradition….you are so awesome! Please don’t change anything. A stone grinder is still used? Wow!

I have watched other videos and I see that “all of them” are copying your ideas and techniques – you are the only one that can pick lotus flowers, roots, stems. Chop down sugar cane and boil it down to a syrup and let harden like blocks, all done in beautiful clothing. Now the “all of them” are doing the same. BE CAREFUL….they are all copying you!

Lastly, I am asking that you try to put English subtitles so that your non-Chinese viewers know what the ingredients are to everything you cook. I also want to buy some of the stuff you make, sugar cane blocks, dried fruit/nut mixture mixed with pea flour. Please expand inventory in LiZiqishop.com so that these items can be purchased.

I pray that you continue to be successful. You are an inspiration. Thank you!

Malik Zain

August 23, 2019

I LOVE You MY Queen (You Always Time Happy) My Wish I visit Your Country but no chance I am alone ………………………………….. Forever


July 30, 2019

My mother is in absolutely love with your videos, she doesn’t understand a word of english or Chinese, but your videos speaks through the hearts. We, from northeast os south america are very happy to watch you. Thank you, and may the forces of universe blesse you even more


June 22, 2019

I was delighted to have accidentally come across LiZiki’s You tube videos, ever since I could not get enough watching them, I am 65 year old still working full time and with the childhood dream of living the life just as Li Ziki is doing now. I wish I will have a chance to visit you and experience this wonderful life of simplicity, efficiency, and harmony with nature. Is it possible for short visit from your followers as we are truly inspired by you.
Your response is appreciated
Thank You

Adora manuel

June 22, 2019

I hope someday I meet you in person

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