April 07, 2021

Some people ask why Ziqi can make so many snacks. Well, this is due to Ziqi's growing up experience: Ziqi's grandfather was a chef in the local place and Ziqi often went with him to cook for others. When there were weddings or funerals, people asked Ziqi's grandfather to make dishes for the attending guests. And at this time Ziqi gave a helping hand to his grandfather and learned the skills. Also, in the countryside, it's not uncommon that people make snacks during different seasons, like in Spring Festival, people like to make snacks using glutinous rice and deep-fry wheaten food. Some snacks really cater to the characteristics of the season so they're very poplular and form a custom. Ziqi is a very independent girl, since her father passed away, she knew that she should learn the life skills more than others, so she learned by observing her grandfather and grandmother. And after practising, she now could make very delicious and good-looking snacks!


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