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Li Ziqi's Weibo

LiZiqi's Weibo account currently has 17 million fans.


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September 16, 2019

In such a beautiful place you live .


September 09, 2019

I think the first video I ever watch was the one where she was making furniture out of bamboo.
I thought that was creative but didn’t think much of watching anything else from her. Many months later I was watching another episodes m. This one was a cooking episode. I like her rustic way of cooking. From picking all her fresh ingredients from her gardens to the sight and sounds of her preparation and cooking. What got me hooked was her story. She’s actually doing all this herself. Not some creative editing or stand in or a huge crew doing most of the work behind the scene.
Her work ethnics is inspirational. She makes cooking look so effortless, so simplistic in its form. Enjoy watching every single ones of her shows.

Megha D

July 27, 2019

I saw all her video when I found it, it relaxes mind, soul, energies positive vibes and motivate us doing hard work with determination and dedication in silence and caring your loved ones, God& nature returns abdunce only u have keep faith & pray on God & nature. As Budda said “what goes around comes around”.keep it up. God bless you

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