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Liziqi likes to wear simple yet very nice-looking traditonal Chinese clothes. These clothes have features of fitting the season,and that is, the summer dressing keeps people feeling comfortably cool, while winter dressing provides sufficient warmth. They're all made of natural materials: cotton, silk or linen... They are not only a manifestation of a "natural life", but are really practical. This is also the style of Ziqi-- Ziqi likes to make practical things: swing, hut, embroidery, carpentry, all kinds of practical things to be used. This is a smart girl, and ingenious. She has very strong manual ability. She can even make clothes from the scractch by herself! And she knows what good clothes are: they should be a combination of utility value and aesthetics. This is the result  shown on liziqi's wear. So beautiful, so idyllic, so pleasant-looking. It's not merely reflection of Chinese antient dressing, but a true expressing of the common values and outlook on the aesthetics of world people. People who like liziqi also likes her dressing.


Ziqi's clothes are really a mirror of traditional Chinese clothes "Hanfu". And years ago, Hanfu had been liked by people around the world. Now people may like Hanfu better because Ziqi has fully exhibited the beauty of it. 

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Thanks for all loving ziqi. 

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Mary Bebie

May 27, 2021

LiZiQi bring peace and calm to my life. I watch her shows over and over. She is making such an impact on so many in our world. I truly love how she shows such love for her grandmother.

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