April 09, 2021

Now the lotus root starch (powder) is a popular kind of product and there are quite many female friends who like to brew up a bowl of lotus root powder in the morning. The operation is simple, the taste good and the nutrition very high. Eating proper amount is good for the spleen and the stomach, nourishes blood, and supplements nutrition for your body. It can be said that the lotus root powder is of high edible value and medical value. If you have watched the video of Liziqi making lotus root powder, you may have seen that she added a lot of nutritional ingredients into the powder.  


In addition to the lotus root, there are seveal kinds of nuts, sweet-scented osmanthus flowers, cranberry, purple potato, Chinese wolfberry and other nutritional ingredients. 


When you are making a bowl of porridge using lotus root powder, first, put some powder into the bowl, then pour some cool water in and stir -- don't use hot water immediately because this way the powder may cluster. After the white powder has basically dissolved, pour hot water in, stir quickly until you see a gelatinous substance, and that is a bowl of delicious and nutritional lotus root powder-made porridge ready made.


This food is good for both young and old, men and women. It's also good for the health of patients who have high fever, high blood pressure, hepatopathy, iron-deficiency anemia or malnutrition.

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