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Yap Thian Beng

September 12, 2019

Dear Ziqi,

I noticed your honey ginseng has high demand. I wanted to buy to support you so instead I bought happy scented tea. I hope your sales keep getting better.

There are a few things I wanted to share with you. Some important knowledge which you, and most people do not have easy access. Please forgive me if I may come across as being too overboard with my sharing. Just know that I do this because I am concern for your well being. But whatever it is, this is your life, so you please make the final decisions that you think is right. Do not allow me to influence you, I dun have any rights.

1. Doing charity is very good. It shows your kindness to the suffering world but there is something you should know. There are things you should not be involved with because they may bring things into your life. If you want to know what I mean, please send me an email and I will explain further.

2. Alcoholic beverage like beer can demage your subtle spiritual nerves in your body. They will also invite darkness into your mind. Please be aware.

3. Please remember to offer daily thanks to the water, the plants, the animals, the air and most importantly Mother Earth for providing you with so much goodness in your world. This will ensure that She continues to bless you, provide for you, protect you and your granny from harm or bad elements. It’s important. She listens to your prayers.
You are like Her daughter. There are many angels around you.

BTW, did you do all the English translations in your channel, I am not surprised since you are so intelligent and diligent to learn new things.

God bless, looking forward to hear from you.

patrick chin

July 25, 2019

Hi Miss Li, do you offer board and lodging for overseas tourists? I’ll like to visit for up to 2 weeks in early spring next year. Please let me know by email. Warm greetings, Pat Chin.

您好李小姐,您是否为海外游客提供食宿服务吗?我想在明年初春访问长达2周。请通过电子邮件告诉我。非常感谢。热烈的问候, 陈源


July 10, 2019

Pls notify me when beef sauce and ginseng honey tea are available. I wish you could also share your simple and natural skin care, fragrance or oils. I am so happy to watch your show, you are truly an inspiration. Thank You Ziqi.

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