March 14, 2021

Recently, there’s a debate on the internet regarding whether the pickles Li Ziqi made originated in China or Korea.

Though Ziqi didn’t say anything about the origin of the pickle, many Korean net users commented “ This is Korean not Chinese pickles” after they watched the video.

What Ziqi made is spicy cabbage pickle:

A Korean netizen says, “The world has known Kimchi as traditionally Korean for decades, and now you say it’s Chinese?”

Another goes, “...Remember, Kimchi is traditional Korean food. It’s self-deception to say that it’s Chinese.”

But actually, Ziqi didn’t say anything about where are pickles, or “Kimchi” in Korean, originated. The title of the video of Ziqi is just “A Carrot’s Lifetime” , and the scenes about making the spicy pickled cabbage last only about two minutes. So it’s not a topic on the original place of a culture, but just showing the making process of a welcomed food, all over the world.

Both China and Korea have pickled vegetables, and even elsewhere. We’ll just enjoy and appreciate the skill and ability of Li Ziqi, and if curious enough, just make some spicy pickles ourselves by modeling her video and have a great bite after they’re ready made.

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