What Kind Of Beauty From Making Persimmon about Li Ziqi?

What Kind Of Beauty From Making Persimmon about Li Ziqi?

In Liqi's videos, it can be found that these videos contain a wide range of traditional cultural factors, which includes not only agricultural gardens, clothing, invention and creation, festival, food and cooking, aesthetic connotation and other aspects, but also it embodies the Taoism, Confucianism and other philosophical culture. As I write this article, I've updated a new video that focuses on the process of making persimmon.

"In Li Ziqi's video, her grandmother and she sit opposite each other, capturing the beauty of each season and showing the unique rural life style. Li Ziqi is committed to creating an atmosphere of self-sufficiency, becoming the emotional comfort that modern people yearn for all the time. At the same time, her videos are mainly based on the solar terms, traditional festivals and folk customs of traditional Chinese culture. They are usually records of the production of traditional food and the daily necessities. Therefore, symbols of traditional Chinese culture can be seen everywhere in those series of videos. Li Qi's video also displays the magic power to figure out the symbols of tradition in most mundane rural life.

The distinguishing feature of Liqi's video is that it focuses on food. In each special holiday or solar terms, the food production will add a special feeling to our life. To be specific, I'm here to show you a video of her making persimmon.

First of all, she would go to her garden to pick persimmons when the persimmons were ripe. She mainly used scissors and other tools to cut the persimmons from the tree branches and then put them in the basket. After seeing the delicious persimmons, she could not help but taste them, which made people salivate.

Secondly, after coming home, her grandma and she would peel the persimmons together, such as threading a needle when they peel the persimmons, and then they would knot the persimmon with lines, and then put them on the sieve and dry them in the bamboo pole. What made it unique was that when the wind blew them, it was very picturesque.

Apart from that, the persimmon could also be used to dry in the third stage, when the persimmon was matured, Li Ziqi would use hands to knead them until it was very soft and then she would put it in a barrel to cover them with frost, it's in the late autumn. In cold winter, Li Ziqi would take out the persimmon from the bucket, when they tasted them,it was indeed very yummy.

If you want to use the special utensils made from Li Ziqi, you can refer to the below website for more information, I bet you won't be disappointed. 
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