Behind The Camera, The Story Of Li Ziqi

Behind The Camera, The Story Of Li Ziqi

People who have watched Li Ziqi's video are most yearning for the peaceful pastoral life in those videos. Whether it’s the classical background music, the rural beautiful scenery, or her quietly making various dishes, it always makes people feel that the pace is infinitely slowed down, and just feel the peace and beauty of life.

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The previous videos mainly focused on food; but unlike other "food vloggers", she brought real rural life to the Internet. The time span of shooting will be very large just to get closer to the essence.

Because of the exquisite composition and leisurely pace of life, her videos are more like the pastoral documentary. From making bread kilns, bamboo furniture, the four treasures of the study, clothes, and wine, to brewing soy sauce... there is nothing that Li Ziqi can't make. Ordinary food vloggers may use soy sauce when they cook food and then start with "ok, so we already have soy sauce here", while Li Ziqi will start with "how do we grow soybeans".

Hard-working behind

Li Ziqi can always make dishes according to the four seasons.

She also has a strong hands-on ability.

She always promotes traditional culture by herself including China's four treasures of the study. In order to make Shu embroidery, Li Ziqi taught herself Shu embroidery stitches for more than half a year.

From searching for information on the Internet to watching documentaries related to Shu embroidery, She contacted Meng Dezhi, the national intangible cultural heritage master of Shu embroidery, and studied for half a year.

It took a year to finish the Shu embroidery by dyeing, embroidering, and cutting.

She went to a noodle restaurant in Gansu to learn how to make the Lanzhou hand-pulled noodles. At first, the master was reluctant to teach her. She stayed in the noodle restaurant for a day and finally, the master was willing to teach her, but the more difficult things are still to come.

In a month of practice, Li Ziqi pulled noodles every day until her arms became sour. She took more than 200 shots for just 1 shot of the video, and she ate the dough for more than half a month...

In Li Ziqi's computer, there are more than 20,000 pieces of video material. Among them, many are the shots that she took again and again.

In a year, the distance of just pressing the camera button back and forth is roughly 520,000 steps and 260 kilometers.

"Swing Sofa Bed", the video is only five minutes, but there are more than 2,000 pieces of accumulated footage.

At some angles from high places, she climbed up the tree by holding pots and pans alone and fixed them to tree branches. Later, pots and pans, benches and stones became fixed tools.

Heavy labor such as splitting wood and nailing piles has repeatedly caused wounds, and even her left ring finger was injured by a wooden pile weighing tens of kilograms.

When asked "what are you doing recently", Li Ziqi counted out a lot of farm work seriously:

"Growing seedlings, planting eggplants, peppers, ginger, trimming flowers and plants, killing insects..."

Food making, tailoring, dyeing, papermaking, breeding, building houses, and gardening, Li Ziqi is omnipotent.

Although knowing that such a daily routine is very boring and unremarkable, Li Ziqi still made countless tricks for three meals a day, for simple dishes, and lived a fairy-like life.

On July 20, 2017, Li Ziqi and Hangzhou Weinian Technology Co., Ltd. jointly established Sichuan Ziqi Culture Communication Co., Ltd., and Li Ziqi holds 49% of the shares. The content team is Li Ziqi, an assistant born in 1997, and a photographer. Li Ziqi is still responsible for the video content. The company is only responsible for the business development part and helping her take care of some daily affairs. At this time, Li Ziqi stopped going alone and had the support of a professional team. The only thing that remains unchanged is that she is still Li Ziqi walking on the country road and living in a poetic life.

The kind-hearted Li Ziqi

Unexpectedly, with limited income, Li Ziqi even sponsored a poor orphan for 8 years until she graduated from college.

Li Ziqi said that when she was a child, she had been reported in the local newspaper. Because her family was poor, she was subsidized by kind city people to continue her studies.

"Because my life has been illuminated by others, just like light." She also believes that the children illuminated by her will also illuminate other people in the future.

Therefore, with a grateful heart, Li Ziqi wants to devote more energy to charity education and intangible cultural heritage.

In August 2017, Li Ziqi donated personal collections for an online auction to raise funds for the BAZAAR star charity night project.

In 2019, Li Ziqi joined hands with the Sina Yangfan Charity Fund to donate libraries to 3 elementary schools in Sichuan Province. A total of 1,728 books were donated, and the number of beneficiaries was about 4823 people. She also joined the poverty alleviation action plan as the China Poverty Alleviation Foundation's Product Poverty Alleviation Ambassador......

At the beginning of the new year of 2020, Li Ziqi learned that many primary schools in her hometown had used computers for many years that have low configuration, which has brought inconvenience to teaching. Li Ziqi donated 100 computers to 9 primary schools to improve educational conditions.

In January 2020, Li Ziqi used the 500,000 bonus she just received for charity education.

Li Ziqi is a dream maker in reality and an ordinary person who makes dreams come true.

Amid the countryside and mountains and the alternation of the four seasons, she presents the traditional and authentic lifestyle of the Chinese people, so that modern urbanites could find a sense of spiritual belonging, and the world could understand a way of life in Chinese culture.

She uses every meal to show the aesthetic meaning of the seasons and bring opportunities to life.

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