Dear Fans, Happy Spring

Dear Fans, Happy Spring

This is Liziqi's latest update.



Recenly, Liziqi has been busy like the same time last year, preparing for the spring sowing.

Because she wants some hair decoration, so comes this video.

She used silk cloth to make some ornaments for Hanfu with the "silk flower" technique. 
And since it's good spring time, and the peach blossoms are everywhere in the mountain,
Ziqi took her grandmother to the mountain where her grandmother had long wished to go to
for a picnic.


Here is what Liziqi wrote to her fans about this video:

I really miss you.

As you said, I haven't post new videos for a long time.

Though I myself didn't feel that long,

when I logged on my youtube account, I saw so many questions about "where has liziqi been these days",

so I came out.

Actually, after the Spring Festival, I went on a business trip to Shanghai,

and then I was busy at home doing housework and farmwork.


I've grown so many things,

tomato, eggplant, pepper, green beans, cowpea, cucumber,

pumpkins, gourds, sunflowers, etc.

These are all commonly-seen vegetables and plants,

and I've grown some others.


The frost this year has been heavier than recent years thus flowers have come off many non-hardy plants.

Though straws have been used to keep the b warm, its flowers still froze to death and fell.

I've done other gardening jobs in the yard,

such as pruning the roses,

and today as I went out to see, they all have blossomed! I was so happy.



It may be right to say that I haven't done a serious thing lately,

well, maybe that's not true.

See? I've taken my dear grandmother to the place called Longquanyi to see the peach blossom,

and my assistant Minguo has invited photographer Lishan to take pictures of me.

The last time I was taken pictures of by professionals was at the beginning of 2018,

for the then promotion.

Recently, my assistant Minguo often complained that there were not suitable pictures of me for promotion on the platforms that have cooperation with us,

so by taking pictures this time, I hope she wouldn't mention this any more.

You know, she's just over 20 and nags me like my grandmother, haha...


I didn't plan to film a video along the way of being taking picures of;

I just intended to take grandma to where she'd been saying she wants to go to in recent years,

because she went there with my grandpa when they were young.

This place is also the reason why there was the Chinese character "桃” in my previous name when I was little.

I was named by my grandpa and it was not until I went to primary school that I used another name.

Maybe I have gone too far...


Since I needed a peach blossom crown to match the background,

I decided to make one by my own on a whim.

This is how the latest video came about.

You know I've been very detail-oriented with my videos, so was I with this one:

I made the crown with a traditional handicraft

which is called "silk flower".

It's artificial flowers mostly made from fabrics such as silk


and this technique has had a history of over 1,000 years.

In Tang dynastry, it's popular among women to use silk flowers as decoration,

and now it's a national intangible cultural heritage.


After the crown was made, I found that I needed

a pink dress with big sleeves to match it.

So I made one with my hands.


I made it with the old method:


I took one of my clothes as the sample and cut the cloth out,

and left 30cm long as tail.

It looks nice, just that I'm not tall enough.

Well, that's my height, I cannot change my height. 




I've written this long enough,

and I'm gonno sleep now.

Dear fans, thank you for loving me. I haven't posted a video lately and now it's a new one. Hope you like it.

Happy spring and I love you, too.

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