Embroidered Shoes

Embroidered Shoes

Women’s walk in ancient China is lithe and graceful. Why is that? It may be due to the shoes they wear: embroidered shoes. One saying is that these shoes dated back to the Spring and Autum Period, so they have been liked by people for thousands of years. There are many good characteristics of these shoes: Light, comfortalbe, and with embroidery which is variant and very beautiful. 

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On the surface of the shoes, ingenious women used their hand to embroider different patterns, stitch by stitch, and the shoes finally made are telling about the aesthetic standards, moral principles and value of fashion at the time. So the embroidered shoes at different times are a live record of the culture in that period.

The embroidered decoration of the shoes followed the aesthetic of Oriental tradition, paid attention to the methodology and the spread of the uppers, and is matched with the durable sole. Colored silk threads are woven from toe to heel, and even on soles or insoles are embroidered with elaborate ornate patterns.

The theme of embroidered shoes comes from life, mainly folk culture and customs. The basic patterns include flowers, birds, grass, insects, animals, fruit, scenery and dramatic characters.

Even in nowadays, when a baby completes its first month of life, or when it's a family member's birthday, people of the Tujia Nationality, Shui Nationality, Zhuang Nationality and the Hakkas Nationality would love to use a pair of embroidered shoes to show their care. The shoes are also an exhibition of their talents and wisdom.

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