Has Li Ziqi Got Married?

Has Li Ziqi Got Married?

The answer is “Not Yet”. Born in 1990, Ziqi has been 31 years old this year. But she hasn't got married. Someone has asked her, "What would your ideal partner be like?" and she answered, "He has to be good at doing chores like digging a hole." Maybe this is because she often has to do a lot of manual labor. It's a funny way to answer, but this is true of Li Ziqi. She has done a lot of amazing work with her hands, which has been admired and appreciated by fans all round the world. 

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She was born in Mianyang City, Sichuan Province. When she was a child, her parents got divorced and she had to live with her father. But in 1996, her father died, and the stepmother wasn't treating her well. So her grandparents took her to the rural home. Her grandfather was good at cooking and carpentry, and when her grandfather was cooking, she often stood by watching and giving a helping hand. She also had done farmwork together with her grandmother. 

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So the videos she took are really from her life experience. Unfortunately, her grandpa passed away when she was in grade 5 in primary school, and life with grandma as the sole bread-winner was insufficient. Ziqi started to go to the city to make a living. She had done many jobs since then, and it was her grandmother's sickness that drew her back to the countryside and started a journey on making food videos. She had done the videos alone by herself until she got a team which could better facilitate her filming, but she remained unmarried up to now!

In the countryside growing up with her grandmother, she was at a young age. And while making a living in the city, she was working so hard and maybe she even didn't have the time to fall in love with someone. And back in the countryside, the number of peope she encounters is limited, maybe few at her age. So how could she come across someone who could have a lifelong relationship with her while living up to her? 

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Though, we give our best wishes to Ziqi. Indeed, she deserves a good man who could do chores happily together with her and love her as much as our fans. 

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She is priceless and for a woman so young to know so many things is rare. She would never be out of work as she knows it all. Grandma is her baby now. Now is Lizqi’s turn to care for her other mom. That’s the way I am with my mom. She’s my baby now lol.

No need to rush into marriage. It’s a beautiful thing but now things change in life one must be very careful what one is getting into. Don’t be ashame to investigate the person without him knowing.

Hope everything goes well with you Lizqi. God bless you and keep you. May you prosper always and may you have peace. You are a sweet angel.


Me too!


Looking forward to new videos from Liziqi. Have missed her so much!

Desiree Young

Watching your show gives me hope that one day I can open a tea shop and sell crafts. I’ve never thought it possible because of my disabilities. I have to keep trying and never give up. I wish her the best in life. The world needs more kind rare gems like lizikie


Touched by your story truly inspiring God bless you may all your hard work be richly rewarded bless you with deserving husband be n stay blessed always


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