How to Pronounce Li Ziqi's Name?

How to Pronounce Li Ziqi's Name?

We found that many people just remembered her name vaguely and misspelled the name in the comments, such as:

ligiqi / liziki / Liz qi / Lizi Qi / liqizi / lziqi

So today, let's explain the name of Li Ziqi 李子柒, the meaning of each word in the name, and how to pronounce it correctly.

"Li" is the last name(surname), "Ziqi" is the first name.

But in Chinese, we put the last name at the front and the first name at the back, so it is Li Ziqi.

The "Li 李" surname ranks fourth in China's " Hundred Family Surnames ". The surname Li is the second most important surname in mainland China.

The pronunciation of "Li 李" is similar to "Lee", but in Chinese, it has another tone, the tone is (ˇ), the third tone. 

In ancient China, "Zi" refers to children. It also represents the fruits and seeds of plants.

Same as the ending consonant in "words", "woods", "needs", etc.

Try to extract this consonant from these words, accentuate the pronunciation, and add a third tone.


"Qi", in Chinese, it is the traditional form of the number "seven".

This consonant does not exist in English, So it’s not easy to pronounce it exactly. For most English speakers, the closest would be “chi-” as in "chin".

Do you know Li Ziqi's name better now?

Let's hear how Li Ziqi himself pronounced her name.

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