Insiders Said These About Liziqi

Insiders Said These About Liziqi

A then Director of the Women's Federation of a district in Mianyang city (Liziqi's hometown) said that she has had contact with ziqi. That was when ziqi was young, she once took ziqi to her home for the Spring Festival. 

She said that ziqi's biological mother left ziqi and ziqi's father when ziqi was very little, and when ziqi was at eight, her father passed away accidentally. From then on, the Local Women's Federation has paid attention to her as an orphan and called on people in the society to help her. In a Spring Festival, the local Women's Federation mobilized the cadres and families with good financial standing to take orphans to their home for the festival, so she took ziqi.

As the then Director of the Women's Federation recalled, "One morning, I cooked peanut porridge for ziqi and gave her an boiled egg. I said to her, 'Egg is nutritious, and by eating egg, you can grow taller', however, she said, 'Eggs in my family are only for selling for money, then we could take the money to buy cooking oil, salt, and meat.'" When the Director asked ziqi what she would love to do in the future after growing up, ziqi answered, "I'd like to go to school until I got a PhD." However, ziqi dropped out of school when she was only in Grade 1 in senior high school. "Now she has grown up, taller and more beautiful." The director said. Now ziqi has got contact with the Director again and said she would go to visit her in return for her kindness to ziqi when ziqi was little.


Ziqi's not only grateful to someone who has given her warmth, but has contributed to the society as well. During the novel coronovirus pandemic, ziqi donated more than 1 million RMB worth of medical supplies to different provinces in China. These materials were very useful for combatting the disease.

Minguo who is assistant to ziqi said that ziqi was very careful and devoted when filming her videos. "She would communicate with the photographer for several times to get a scene done. Thus she has to run to and fro. It was very tiring." Minguo also said that ziqi was very nice to them and cared for them like an elder sister in daily life. "She is kind, shows filial piety to her grandmother, and very tenacious. I've learned a lot from her." The assistant said.

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