About Ziqi

About Ziqi

We only sort out the introduction to LiZiqi based on the existing public information. This will prevent some unrealistic information from appearing. At the same time, we also want her fans to pay attention to protecting her other privacy and to protect her life from disturbance.
Thank you very much for your support and love for LiZiqi .

Who is Li Ziqi (李子柒)?

Known as " An Oriental Lifestyle Foodie", She is also cute and beautiful. You may wonder about Li Ziqi’s age. She was born in 1990.
A girl who lives in the mountains and forests in the village of northwestern Pingwu, Mianyang City, Sichuan Province, China.

Li Ziqi’s Story

Li Ziqi did not have a happy childhood. When she was a child, her parents got divorced and her father died early. She started living with her grandparents. Their lives were poor yet sufferable. Li Ziqi's grandfather was a cook in the village. When there was a ceremony going on, such as a wedding or a funeral, her grandfather would be in charge.

In her videos, she shows how to cook various dishes, which she had learned from her grandfather. Besides cooking, she also learned how to make bamboo baskets, grow vegetables, and make carpenter handiworks.

At the age of 14, when most of the kids at the same age went to middle school, she dropped out of school and tried to support herself and her family through hard and various jobs. She wasn't treated well. Her fate was particularly not good at the initial stage of her life. She struggled much to survive - she starved, slept in a cave under a bridge, worked as a waitress, an electrician, and she even worked as a DJ at a nightclub (This is might be a good job for her. She learned a lot about music during this period, which has helped her edit videos for now). These work experiences also helped her develop the ability to think and judge independently.
To become strong and rich, Li Ziqi learned some skills quickly in the modern city and gained the ability of supporting herself and her grandmother. These working skills also helped her perfectly produce and show excellent videos afterward. In addition, she has tried to start a business with her friends many times. She really wanted to improve her families' living conditions as soon as possible.
In 2012, due to the family misfortune – her grandmother had a serious illness, Ziqi figured out what she wanted to do after she has been working for 7 to 8 years. Her grandmother is the most important person in Ziqi’s life. Li Ziqi immediately decided to give up everything and return to her hometown so that she could take full care of her grandmother.
She started work early in the morning and returned home late. Just like a farmer, she was living an ordinary yet special life in her hometown.

Li Ziqi - a Famous Vlogger

How to be famous? Ziqi is a normal young girl who is poor at singing and dancing. An idea came to her, how about cooking meals? Gathering all ingredients and materials in her yard and farmland.
At the initial stage, Li Ziqi's videos posted on "Mepai" (a social platform in China) didn't gain great attention. But later a few food experts started to notice her videos. Soon the number of her fans greatly increased. Also, with the help of her fans, she put her videos on Weibo (a social platform like Twitter in China) in 2016 which received a huge amount of attention.
In 2017, Li Ziqi became a new online celebrity in China and known as " An Oriental Lifestyle Foodie". Her works convey a positive attitude toward life and her videos can help people fulfill the "dreams of the countryside."
These are the dreams of many people at home and abroad, especially Chinese people. Many people show great interest in Li Ziqi's clothing. In front of the camera, she always appears in a set of Chinese Han clothing which is made of rough fabric.
Also, her videos help more people learn about and understand Chinese traditions and culture. The spirit of struggling for independence and self-reliance conveyed by her life experience has attracted great attention at home and abroad. She has been praised by many mainstream media such as the official micro-blog of the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League, China Daily and Sina. Her culinary skills include (but aren’t limited to) making peach blossom wine, watermelon cake, and traditional Sichuan moon treats, while a craft-based day sees her dyeing clothes in grape skins, making shoes for her grandmother, or building a wood-firing oven out of clay.

Does she make videos by herself?

Her videos were initially shot by herself. She once said, "I usually put my photographic equipment before or behind me, sometimes I put them on the trees, tables or chairs to get a better result. I spent a lot of time finishing one single video."

To get more professional video, a three-people team was built on May18th, 2017. They are Li Ziqi, a "part-time" photographer and an assistant named Ming Guo who was born in 1997.

Does Li Ziqi take any advertisements?

There are barely any advertisements occurred in her videos. Why? It’s not hard to think. Because she wants to establish her own brand so that she can control the quality of her products. Li Ziqi bends herself to make the best foods for everyone in acknowledgement of your long term support.

Here are some super unique delicacies and handiworks made by Li Ziqi.

New Year's Eve dinner 

Canned yellow peach

Chinese Chilli Sauce 

Flower Tea 

Ancient Oriental methods of the Sericulture, a solution to the cold (Silk quilt)

Making a dress dyeing by grape peels

A beautiful sofa swing


Ziqi is really amazing!

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Liziqi’s videos have attracted lots of fans on Li ziqi facebook, Li ziqi Instagram and Li ziqi shop. These are some of the Comments of her videos on YouTube shown below.
In one of Li Ziqi interviews, she said, "I am shooting about my imaginary life in the future." Her videos help relax a lot of people, just like you and me who are busy struggling for life.
The traditional life brings you a unique experience to feel this world. She has explored and developed a new living style of the land of idyllic beauty.
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