Li Ziqi Living Style - What's in Li Ziqi's Photos

Li Ziqi Living Style - What's in Li Ziqi's Photos

Natural beauty in her eyes.

Ziqi loves shooting photos. She can be a professional photographer in her fans' eyes. If you once watched her photos posted on her Weibo (For China-based microblogs), then you can really feel natural beauty.

Maybe you can feel like her fans feel. Just read several comments on YouTube, you got to know how people wanna own the same life like hers.

On YouTube,  Millions of people are crazy about her videos

Alex G - " I didn't know paradise in china still existed like this."

Asia Amazing - "This channel makes me want to forsake civilization and go live out in the forest".

Besides videos, Ziqi shared moments in her gardens. Many of her meals depend on these materials in her garden. And li Ziqi’s recipes also need vegetables, fruits, and flowers grown in her garden. 

Those photos are posted on Weibo and shot by Li Ziqi. 

Her garden. Hi, Look here. Ziqi had decorated this garden by Minguo(her assistant) and herself.

Ziqi and Minguo used bamboos to decorate the garden wall. 
Wow, so beautiful. Finally they finished the decoration task.
Li Ziqi plant such cute and delicious plants(fruits, flowers, vegetables, etc.)
You can really guess what are they( those plants in photos).
Maybe most of them had ever been eaten by you. But some of them never come to you.
Do you like this vegetables? So cute, isn't it?
Thanks for reading this blog. Finally, Let's enjoy the starry sky photo shot Li Ziqi.
Hope you will enjoy those photos. 
Enjoy Li Ziqi Food, Enjoy your life.
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