Li Ziqi Shares Special Gift With You - Traditional Chinese Chopsticks

Li Ziqi Shares Special Gift With You - Traditional Chinese Chopsticks

Li Ziqi prepared a special gift of her brand “Li Ziqi”. Yes, this gift is particularly prepared for people who purchase the foods(Brand Li Ziqi). (It's over.)

A traditional Chinese gift : Li Ziqi chopsticks

How does this gift come from?

There is an interesting story here. Let’s see the process of choosing this special gift.

Ziqi said

I chose chopsticks as the special gift because of that I love Chinese Culture. We are not equipped with strong power, but we still want to do our utmost to bring our Chinese Culture to the whole world.”

“To begin with, we have selected many beautiful and gorgeous chopsticks. Those chopsticks are made of blue and white porcelain, amber and even gold, silver and so on. We wanna make the best chopsticks for you to express our sincere thanks. ”

“I remember that we have made samples of chopsticks six times, but we hadn’t chosen the best one anyway. Later, in the course of a video recording, the camera scanned the ordinary chopsticks on our dining table.

“The normal chopsticks, the original one. But it looks really beautiful. Perfect. ”

“Chopsticks have witnessed the great history of China for thousands of years. Even such simple chopsticks are accompanied by the growth of every Chinese.”

“Simple chopsticks are like you and me. In this society, we are ordinary and even normal, but we are still indispensable in this society.”

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