Who is Li Ziqi, real, age, weibo, Youtube Channel, married, Mianyang, Sichuan, family grandmother, music

Li Ziqi Wiki - List of Questions About Ziqi

Many people have some questions about li Ziqi. We collected them and simply answered them. Hope to help them better understand Ziqi.

Who is Li Ziqi? real?age, weibo, Youtube Channel, married, Mianyang, Sichuan, family grandmother, music

1. Who is Li Ziqi? Li Ziqi biography.

2. Is Li Ziqi real?

  • Yes. She is real.

3. Li Ziqi's age?

  • It is impolite to ask the girl's age. But we never tell you that she was born in 1990. Well, this is no secret anymore. 

4. Li Ziqi's weibo

5. Li Ziqi's Youtube Channel

6. Is Li Ziqi married?

  •  No. She is not married yet.

7. Li Ziqi vlogger age

  • At the beginning of 2016, Li Zikai began to shoot videos. The previous videos were compiled, filmed, starred, and edited by herself.

8. Where does Li Ziqi live?

  • She lives with her grandmother in her own home in Mianyang, Sichuan, China.

9. Li Ziqi's family

  • She is an orphan and grew up with her grandmother.

10. Li Ziqi's music

  • The background music of those videos were not created by her. Because these music are copyrighted, and many of them are Chinese music, we are currently unable to translate and share it with everyone.

11. Li Ziqi's instagram

12. Li Ziqi Wikipedia

13. Does Li Ziqi have a boyfriend or husband?

  • Sorry, we will not disclose whether Ziqi is still single, so as not to affect her life. But we can tell you that she is still unmarried.

14.  Fake Li ziqi

  • Many people are pretending to be Ziqi or imitating her. Maybe this can reflect everyone's love for her from another aspect. I hope everyone will protect her.

 15. Li Ziqi's height

  •  Ziqi is not tall. She is 161cm.

 16. Liziqi's recipe book

  • Currently, Ziqi has no plans to publish any books.

 17. Is Li Ziqi's grandma still alive?

  • Thank you for your concern. Grandma is still alive and healthy.

 18. Where is Li Ziqi's hometown?

  •  Ziqi's ​​hometown is Mianyang, Sichuan, China. 

19. Is liziqi an actor?

  • No. She is not an actor. 

20. Li Ziqi's birthday

  • July 6th is her birthday. Her zodiac sign is Cancer.

21. What special things are there in Li Ziqi shop?

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