The Wok Used by liziqi

The Wok Used by liziqi

 Many friends asked about the wok Li Ziqi is using to cook. It's similar to this:

liziqi wok; Li Ziqi wok;

Let's take a look at how this wok is made and how we should use it:

First, this is an iron wok. For iron wok, there are two kinds: pig iron wok and wrought iron wok. Pig iron wok is molded by melting grey pig iron, and wrought iron wok is made by forging and pressing black iron sheet.

Secondly, iron wok has very high thermal conductivity, so when you cook, it get hot very quickly, which is very good for stir frying.

Thirdly, iron wok is good for health. It does not contain harmful heavy metals like other kinds of wok.

In using iron wok, we need to pay attention to: 

1. If it's a new wok, we should use lard to "care" for it first: Wash the new wok clean, dry it and then use lard to wipe the inside of it while heating the wok on small to medium fire. This enables the lard to seep into the wok and "nurture" it. 

2. Clean the wok everytime after you use it. Dry it to prevent it from getting rust. You can even smear some oil on the inside of the wok after it has been thoroughly dried to prevent rust.

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