Li Ziqi's Secret Garden

Li Ziqi's Secret Garden

People who often watch Li Ziqi's live broadcast know that she has a vegetable farm that she grows by herself.

Every day at noon or afternoon, she will go to the vegetable farm to pick some vegetables she grows. Her vegetable farm is like a treasure chest, which seems to be able to conjure a variety of delicacies, but her vegetable farm has never been exposed to the Internet.

As for it, many netizens are very curious about it, especially want to know what is on the vegetable farm.

Recently, the fans have finally welcomed the light. Li Ziqi introduced her vegetable farm in the interview.

We can see that there are seven or eight kinds of tomatoes, big and small, with different colors. Each has a different nutritional value. There are also many varieties of peppers, line peppers, devil peppers, and so on; the other cucumbers, loofah, and eggplant...

Anyway, the vegetables you can think of are basically can be found here.

In addition to various seasonal vegetables, there are also various fruits, and even many warm tropical fruits are also planted, such as strawberries, melons, blueberries, and so on. and they are also well organized. Looks very neat, pleasing to the eye.

After reading these, many people would say, are there any other vegetables and fruits that she doesn't have on this vegetable farm?

We can see that this vegetable farm occupies a very large area, and she has to rely on her own hard farming every day, which is definitely not easy. Of course, there are some fruits that have failed to grow.

Li Ziqi also introduced that some seeds only germination but no fruit, which made her very distressed.

After seeing Li Ziqi’s garden, are you eager to try and want to grow something by yourself?


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