The Four Treasures Of The Study From Li Ziqi, Why Is She So Special?

The Four Treasures Of The Study From Li Ziqi, Why Is She So Special?

As we all know, Li Ziqi has shot many wonderful videos in recent years, including the making process of four treasures of the study

While most of what we learn from books is the classification and characteristics of writing brushes, ink sticks, paper and inkstones, while Li Zi's video shows the making process of them, you can refer to the contents as below.

It is known that pen, ink, paper and ink stone are the "Four Treasures of the Study", the name of it originated from the southern and northern dynasties.

Ink production is with a long history. The impression of ink seems to be relatively simple, but it is an indispensable item in ancient writing. With the help of this original material, the fantastic artistic conception of Chinese painting and calligraphy can be realized. It is not boring in the making process of ink, but very rich in content. When starting with chopping bamboo, burning oil, washing the smoke, filtering out the dry and leaving it for more than a year, she could finally get it. One year later, she will prepare gold foil, pearl powder, musk, glue and ox bone glue in advance, when she soaked the glue and ox bone glue in hot water, she also needed to steam the glue and make it into a paste. Traditional Chinese medicine grinding technique to grind pearl powder into special powder and pour it into the smoke could be used by her too. After a complex procedure, finally she could paint gold on it according to our personal preference in the desired stuff, Li Ziqi used the ancient method to display the whole process of ink, so it was of importance to widen our cognitive range.

Next is the making process of pen. The history of making brushes is very long. As early as the warring states period, the use of brushes had been relatively extensive. Chinese calligraphy and painting are inseparable from the use of brushes. First, while cutting a smaller piece of purple bamboo, Li Ziqi would bind it into the wood with a string and let it dry. The second process, it consisted of shearing wool and soaking in lime water for a day. When making the root, cutting the front and covering the tip, she would knot the tip. After that,she would made a small hole in the purple bamboo and then she would glue on it and fix the pen head with it, which attributed to choose a pen easily.

Then it is followed by making paper. Paper is one of the four great inventions in ancient China. Even today when machine-made paper is prevalent, some traditional handmade paper still reflects its irreplaceable function and glows with unique brilliance. In the video, when Li Ziqi cut the paper mulberry tree, tear off the bark, dry it in the sun, she would soak it for half a month, then she would add the plant ash, cook it for more than ten hours, then cut it with a knife, smash it into pieces, spread it evenly on the filter board in the water, finally she would bake it with fire and wait it for drying so as to get the fine paper.

Finally, it is related to the making process of ink stone. Ink stone is used for grinding ink. It is required to be delicate and moisturizing, easy to get ink, and the ink is fine and even without slag. In the short videos made by Li Ziqi, the stone was engraved into the special pattern as she requested and then she polished it smooth and smear the surrounding area with wax.

After watching the video, you will be amazed by Li Ziqi's craftsmanship and wisdom, you can also use local materials to create a unique Chinese culture.

With regard to bamboo culture, Chinese people's tradition of planting, chanting and painting bamboo have been prosperous for thousands of years. Bamboo culture has a very rich and unique connotation, which affects the Chinese people's outlook on life, ethics and aesthetics. It plays an important role in promoting the development of Chinese literature, painting art, garden art, religious culture and folk culture, we can also view the below website for Li Ziqi shop for more information about her other products.

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