Three Practical Reflection For Watching Liziqi's Videos, Why We Need Her So Much?

Three Practical Reflection For Watching Liziqi's Videos, Why We Need Her So Much?

Why is Li Ziqi so eminent among so many Chinese internet celebrities?

The below virtues embodies her unique way of doing things.

Effort and innovation contribute to her success in the short videos. In her documentary, she was very good at dyeing, brewing, weaving, paper making in an ancient way and even making rouge lipstick, many people thus like to watch her videos for her unique craftsmanship. Li Ziqi also demonstrated the integration of Chinese culture and modern society by constructing personal symbols and pastoral life style. At the same time, it also satisfies users' expectations regardless of expectations and cultural expectations. More importantly, she broke the stereotype of overseas users about China and made China's countryside a very beautiful and poetic place, so she made us realize that we could strive for a better life through our own efforts.

On top of that, Li Ziqi has opened a new door for the production and dissemination of short videos. There is a certain degree of innovation in video content, components. video editing production methods associated with video dissemination methods. Such innovations also creates a special collective memory of "idyllic life" and "poetic life", so our way of thinking must be updated in a daily fashion so as to create our well being afterwards.

1. Li Ziqi's working style

Li Ziqi's friends' initial impression to her was that she was very persistent and serious in doing things. When he met her at an event, he asked her that how the video she shot with the SLR camera was with such bad quality, Li Ziqi said she didn't know either. A friend told her that she could download a software to do that in the computer. Then she said that she cut it with her mobile phone. Afterwards her confusion about the color was finally solved with the help of the friend. Li Ziqi's friend also said that using a mobile phone to edit footage shot by a SLR just like asking a one-year-old child to move something that only a teenager could move.So she did this very slowly. At first, she used her mobile phone to shoot the video. After that, a friend asked her to replace it with a DSLR, so she also spent 120 yuan to buy a tripod to make the process more easily. There were two guys who stayed with her from spring to winter, going up the mountains and going down to the river, sometimes they had to climb the trees. When encountering some special angles, they had to try their best to use all the props, even the pots and pots could be used at some special scenes.

Although Li Ziqi only attended high school, she had the ability and determination to learn it well. When watching "A Bite of China", she observed the placement of each shot when chopping vegetables, how to make it better with more viewer response. The video of Lanzhou Beef Noodles, which has received extremely high traffic on the Internet, which is the beginning of her knowing by public. At that time, her friend knew a local chef from Gansu who opened a beef noodle restaurant. She wanted to learn from him and said to that chef casually," I can help you promote Lanzhou beef noodles better", so he agreed. It took more than one month to practise kneading the dough. Every day, she pulled the noodles until her arms became sore, she didn't stop until she couldn't lift her shoulders any more. As a result of this, she could take a wonderful shoot after she has completely mastered it.I have to comment that watching her videos is a good recreation.

But the problem came again, because she just took a selfie, so each time when she pressed the shutter button, she had to dry the flour on her fingers, she finally end up in repeatedly taking more than 200 shots. Moreover, she could only use the camera's automatic shooting mode, when close-up, the flour was very white while the hands were very black. She asked the netizens for advice, how to adjust the camera to get a good picture when the background was very white. Because she had to consider the camera shot and her figure at the same time, she took this video for 3 days. By the result of this, she ate soup and naan with her grandma for more than half a month as the result of the discarded dough used in the videos.

What's more, her photographer was also tormented. The most annoying thing was that when Li Ziqi was shot at the bottom layers of shoes. Her needles are very difficult to pierce into that. During that time, they stayed up all night and she was not herself. The little assistant came to work every morning and she found that Li Ziqi and her photographer just like lunatics with dark circles under their eyes and frizzy hair. Since she couldn't do their jobs,so what she could do was to buy them the rice noodles.

Meanwhile, clipping was also a big issue. At first, the mobile phone software she used to perform was only with the simplest splicing, overlaying, subtitles and soundtrack between the most simple materials. The memory of her iPhone 6 was only 16G, so she had to convert the material to format, but if there were too much materials kept in the cell phone, it would freeze, flash back and shut down. Later, the swing video that made her popular took her almost 3 days and she cut it for totally 5 times. However, she was a person who was in pursuit of perfection. So requested herself to do things perfectly, so there was no doubt that she didn't care about eating when filming and editing videos, during that time, she often suffered from gastroenteritis and was so exhausted that she didn’t want to talk all day, just howling a few times when the puppy was making a mess. Later, more people knew about Li Ziqi because of these videos, because Li Ziqi was also extremely responsible for doing things. You can feel the special charm of her products in the following products we promote.

2.Li Ziqi uses the countryside and daily life as a picture.

On the one hand, Li Ziqi was rooted in her hometown, so the videos she recorded were usually based on daily family life. In addition, they are supplemented by simple editing, editing and other post-processing to draw a picture for the audience. The picture of pastoral life also aroused the emotional ripples of pastoral life in the hearts of countless people, the grass on the stream, the birds chirping in the forest. In addition, she also used the native dialect to talk with local folks when doing farm work or cooking three meals, which seemed very natural, leisure and warm, so she expressed her love through her family and her hometown through paragraphs of life scenes. 

On the surface, the video about Li Ziqi is the ordinary life as an ordinary person. She was born in a mountainous area in Sichuan. She lived with her grandparents after her father died when she was young. As her grandparents got older, she had to drop out of school to work early. She worked as a waiter, DJ, etc, but they all ended in failure, so she had to got back home to take care of her sick grandma who lived alone.

A lot of contents in the video is to record the daily life of the grandparents and grandchildren. As a post-90s generation, she had experienced many hardships in life, but she faced setbacks calmly, lived a life with an independent way and pursued her goals with a positive and rigorous attitude. What makes her unique was that Li Ziqi was obsessed with making food in a traditional antique way. In order to restore the details of the ancient method of food production, Li Ziqi spent months visiting various places to learn the production process. As a result of this, it brought us wonderful visual effects.  


At the same time, she conveys her own cognitive concept and life philosophy to the outside world through the mobile internet platform. This personalized way of life and its positive energy dissemination has been recognized by the public, it not only accumulated many fans, but also caused heated discussions in life. To some extent, it affects the social aesthetic cognition, social psychology and emotional structure, it even let the daily life become aesthetics, but what made it extraordinary was her marvellous soul.  

In addition, the food production in Li Ziqi's video was made of natural materials, she used seasonal ingredients to make delicious food, which doesn't violate the agricultural season or the solar terms in order to achieve self-sufficiency. Simplicity were the important elements of our national culture. Following ancient customs and traditional craftsmanship, food was made with traditional craftsmanship, which embodied the life experience and wisdom of the ancients, which even reflected the understanding and expectation to thousands years of Chinese culture. At the same time, traditional festivals and delicacies were often important carriers of traditional culture associated with important links to maintain emotions.

Since ancient times, Chinese people have attached great importance to family, also food and festivals were good opportunities for relatives and friends to get reunion. The nostalgia for the hometown was deeply rooted in Chinese people's heart, therefore family and homeland were the cultural labels of our entire nation, the video contents can evoke the sympathy in people's hearts.

On top of this, Li Ziqi chose the proper expression perspective when telling Chinese cultural stories, avoiding the macro narrative and cutting in from the micro perspective. For example, the cooking process of delicious food, the production process of a traditional utensil, a simple description of picking fruits in the wild, etc., each short video told a small story, later it integrated emotional background and cultural elements. The story was simple and subtle, but it was well-made and deeply portrayed in details. While watching the production process, the audience not only felt the joy brought by the micro-video itself, but also received the information symbols of traditional culture, which were often memorable and it gave people the sense of peace and happiness.

3.Social concept

From the perspective of life concept, the rapid development of China's economy was accompanied by a large-scale urbanization with influx of people. A large number of people now has migrated from rural areas to metropolis, especially the large and medium-sized cities with fast-paced life, relatively distant interpersonal relationships and familiar hometowns, which made people feel nostalgic and it brought people a sense of loss and loneliness.

Meanwhile, living in a big city for a long time, facing dense buildings, crowds and relatively closed spaces day after day,it would inevitably make people feel noisy, tense and depressed. Most people yearn for a leisurely rural life and they are eager to communicate with the natural closely, getting tranquility, leisure and relaxation from the original ecological life so as to make up for the lack of urban life while comforting nostalgia and releasing the tension of urban life.

To sum up,the rural life shown in Li Ziqi's video content just coincides with the emotional needs of most urban people, so urban groups are the mainstream of current Internet users.

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