Top 10 Food In 2022,The Taste From Li Ziqi Is Very Impressive!!!

Top 10 Food In 2022,The Taste From Li Ziqi Is Very Impressive!!!

In life, each individual wants to seek for the essence and meaning of life, including having fun with their beloved ones. While in Li Qi's videos, the flower arrangement on the table is a beautiful wall, plus the unique earthenware vase on the table, it is also a major feature of the video. As the seasons change, the vase stay the same, but the types of flowers change a lot. Why do her vases look so awesome?

Because the table where the vase is located is an old wooden board, while the wall next to it is a lime wall, pure gray, when she decorates it with flowers and leaves in the dull environment, it is very eye-catching.

Around the vase, there are some fruits and vegetables or pots as a foil, which is similar to an oil painting table for still life sketch, plus Li Qi is there to pick up fruits and vegetables, so it just looks like a real figure painting.

Beautiful things, which need a large area of solid color background to foil it, so the background setting can be old and antique as long as it is not messy, no matter it is still life or figures, they can be very beautiful when the subjects are put in such surroundings. 

This is why the wall of Li Ziqi's courtyard is surrounded by a row of bamboo which made it very simple and elegant. What's more, the branches and leaves as well as flowers beside the courtyard are thus full of a strong sense of art.

Even the tableware she uses are old dark objects, some of which are made of pure natural bamboo or wood, which embodies the brightness of fruits, vegetables, also people will feel very appetizing.

Do you want to know how to eat the food from Li Ziqi shop more comfortablely? Here is a special ancient drinking vessels link, which would let you feel the happiness of drinking tea and eating the delicious food.

While in the matter of video making, she behaves very well no matter the shooting, editing or finding good places. Let's analyze them one by one.

Feature 1: lens

All those who watch Li Ziqi's videos have a strong sense of participation, as if they are appreciating something. It just like the moment we hold an antique vase in our hand, sometimes viewing it from a distance, and sometimes viewing it with a magnifying glass. It is such a flexible combination of the detailed lens and the long-distance lens, which makes the viewers enjoy involving them in it.

Feature 2: be good at finding nice views from beautiful nature

In modern society, the calmness of the countryside comes as a welcome relief from the hustle and bustle of city life, people therefore can get rid of anxiety from the city. The beautiful natural scenery caters to people's inner pursuit, people who watch Li Ziqi's video will thus feel the calmness deriving from spiritual purification.

Feature 3: All the plot is natural rather than contrived.

There are too many unreal things in the world now, even watching a video, sometimes there are a lot of exaggerate details, making people feel unreal. While you may find that there are very few traces of that kind of artificial arrangement in Li Ziqi's video, she behaves very naturally in doing everything.

Feature 4: The integrity of the story is well arranged, all the videos reflect the wonderful scenery of the countryside chronologically.

No matter which video you choose, we would find that each video of her is of complete plots, even many videos need to be filmed for a long time,sometimes it is not complete until she spent nearly one or two years to finish it. Seldom do people finish it with such a long time, so it also shows her serious attitude.

Now I will introduce some videos of Li Ziqi cooking food as below.

At the beginning of winter every year, it is the harvest season of taro and the time when each family eats it. At this time, Li Ziqi, a famous food blogger, is also on the Weibo social platform, sharing her joy of harvesting crops such as taro and pepper. It's worth noting that she used these ingredients to make a sumptuous meal a few years ago.

I like watching the food videos shared by Li Ziqi. Her videos were not only beautiful, but it also teaches us the process of how to grow vegetables, how to cook delicious food, which enables us to feel the beauty of life.

After you watched Li Ziqi decorating the courtyard like a paradise with different sorts of trees, flowers and vegetables, isn't the life we are yearning for all the time? There is no hustle and bustle associated with anxiety in the city. There exists the quiet nature, the grass and tree can accompany you, as long as you are willing to endure hardships and create beauty, rural life won't be monotonous.

In early winter, after Li Ziqi harvested the vegetables, she would marinate, cook and bake them. When all the dishes were placed on the table, her grandmother and she would eat the food, then all the hard work were turned into the enjoyment.

The first dish was called taro chicken. All of the food making process was made by Li Ziqi, killing the chicken, plucking the feather and scraping the taro by herself was the important steps made by her. After frying, stewing and stewing, a pot of fragrant taro chicken was out of the pot soon! When I was watching the video, I was amazed by the quick cooking operations from Li Ziqi. Similar to many people's views, I also like her video very much.

The second dish was called yolk taro covered with salted egg. The method was also very simple, when she steamed the taro and cut it into strips, she would coat it with flour and fry the salted egg yolk with cooking oil, finally she would pour them in the taro and stir for two or three minutes, coating the salted egg yolk evenly, when she got it out of the pot, it was very yummy, it really made my mouth watery.

The third course was taro potato chips. The first step was that she would cut taro into slices and steam it, adding flour and making dough, and then turned it into a thin cake, baking it in the oven, it finally become crispy taro potato chips after it came out of the oven.

Now, Li Ziqi's snail powder, beef sauce, mayonnaise and lotus root starch have become her house specialty, her brands have also achieved very good records regardless of volume and revenues.

If you are addicted to delicious food as above, you can refer to our website for more information and we will be very delightful to answer any questions from you.
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