What Do Li Ziqi's Videos Teach Us? What Benefits Does It bring To Us?

What Do Li Ziqi's Videos Teach Us? What Benefits Does It bring To Us?

In China, there are thousands of Internet celebrities, why is Li Ziqi popular all over the world? As a content practitioner, Li Ziqi is undoubtedly successful. Some people say that Li Ziqi's popularity attributes to her hard work, while others say that it is because of her good luck. More people ascribe Li Ziqi's success to enthusiasm. So how can Li Ziqi become so popular?

People who have watched Li Ziqi's video have a strong sense of belonging and yearning for the ancient rural life, as if they have temporarily separated from the normal life and wandered in the countryside to experience their own peace.

There are some videos about the peaceful and beautiful country life.

In March, when peach blossoms, she picks up them to make peach blossom wine. 

During cherry ripening season in May, Li Ziqi starts brewing cherry wine, simmering cherry jam, roasting dried cherries and even preparing cherry lime drink.

On the Qiqiao Festival in July, she would use purple potatoes to make Qiqiao cakes.

In Mid-Autumn Festival in August, she makes fresh meat moon cakes with Su style.

Furthermore, she brews Osmanthus wine when sweet-scented osmanthus blooms in September. 

In winter, bacon and sausages are pickled and the whole yard is full of much food, when eating those food via four seasons, which is very similar to Qu Yuan's article, Li Sao, "Drink the dew of magnolia in the morning and eat autumn chrysanthemum in the evening. "


Why did Li Ziqi succeed in the short video field? Some people attribute her popularity to below eight aspects:

1. Have a strong sense of making money to support herself and her grandmother, plus having a clear goal of making money made her easily to succeed;2. Do simple things peacefully, but these simple things are easily forgotten by people, so everyone who watches her videos feels fresh and it also brings them a sense of peace.

3. Show herself and treat others equally, which enables people to feel that she is serious about doing everything.

4. She don't use words to justify, rather use actions to explain everything;5. Because she didn't attend high school or university, so she didn't have a Ph.D.,therefore only she would love to do these kind of things.

6. Strong perseverance, striving for the best farming video to show the tranquility and comfort of rural life, so that everyone is full of yearning to the idyllic life.7.Without the content and restraint of shooting the video, so as long as she gets the idea, she would try her utmost to do it.

8.She makes the whole world so simple, beautiful and full of much surprise with beautiful sightseeing, so many people have deep impression about the amazing countryside life after watching her videos.

In terms of her development in short videos, Li Ziqi has grown from an ordinary girl who made short videos to a cultural idol that many people love, all these changes come from her concentration on her own life, recording and sharing this kind of beauty with everyone else in this world.

In China, many people have dreams of living in a peaceful countryside just as the article shows in the origin of Peach Blossom from Tao Yuanming. However, the lifestyle of Li Ziqi acts like Tao Yuanming, living with a positive and poetic life attitude, so who doesn't love such a poetic girl? Under the hustle and bustle associated with the pressure of city life, watching Li Ziqi's idyllic videos, the mental anxiety of working people has been cured, which also reveals of the beauty of nature in China.

Most of Li Ziqi's fans on YouTube are foreigners. Her videos satisfy their understanding and glimpse about mysterious beauty of China. Such pastoral life is totally different from the original perspectives of foreign media. The reason why Li Ziqi's video is so popular derives from her down-to-earth efforts, another reason is that she presents the paradise of Tao Yuanming's poem to foreign fans ,"picking chrysanthemums under the eastern hedge, watching mountain leisurely". The video displays her love for nature, respect for labor and nostalgia for family.

In addition, another important reason about the popularity of Li Ziqi was that she never stopped studying. Since 2012, she had learned a lot of skills in eight years.In the video issued by Li Ziqi, we found that she could make loquat wine in April, cherry wine in May, tangram cakes in July, and Su-style fresh meat mooncakes in August. In order to shoot the printing video, she spent half a year on studying, finally she made a fantastic video that others haven't done before.

Taking another example of Liziqi for shooting Lanzhou noodles, she went to learn from other masters and practiced at home for a month before starting to shoot. A video with just 2 minutes, there were more than 200 shots being taken, 20 pounds of flour was wasted in the whole process. To our surprise, the discarded dough end up in being eaten by her grandma and her for half a month. She had been learning all the time with indomitable determination. She also said that she would rather not shoot if she couldn't learn it well. So which also illustrates a simple concept, no one can live a lifetime by talent, only by continuous learning, you can acquire the true meaning of life essence.

Romain Rolland once said: "There is only one heroism in the world, that is to love life after knowing the truth of life."


Many people love watching Li Ziqi's videos, not only because she has shot a real documentary, but also it captures the beautiful life we yearn for in the bottom of our heart. Every object, each dish and even every scene seems to tell the story of the ups and downs in our busy life。

What makes her special is her character, hard-working, brave, friendly, self-improving, and caring for nature inadvertently. Most importantly, we haven't sensed the negative impact of childhood misfortune brought to her from what we have watched in her videos, we only see a beautiful woman who loves life, loves labor and she is keen to spread Chinese culture. As she tried her utmost to shoot the videos, she gradually gained more and more attention and appreciation. In her works, it not only shows us the beautiful pastoral scenery and traditional Chinese culture, but also conveys to us a positive attitude towards life, that is her enthusiasm. She never complained her life regardless of countless ups and downs in shooting videos. Even fate did not favor her, she always maintained a positive attitude and tried her best to change her destiny. Even though she recognized the difficulties of life, she was still full of love for it.

She creates the life we long for with her own hands. Li Ziqi has achieved her achievements that everyone envies, all of which are achieved by her own action and creation. In order to present the video in the best way, she has tried her best to achieve her potential. To be specific, when she cuts cabbage in the videos, she just makes it with its original way. When she grows soybeans, she really uses a hoe to turn the ground, it is the same way for her making a bamboo bed, sawing bamboo and chopping mutton, everything she shows in the videos is her daily life.What we don't know about her is that she often stays up all night so as to make a satisfactory video. It is worth mentioning that she has to adjust each scene by herself. As long as there is a slight flaw in the shot, she has to start over again.

This is one of her merits, because she insists on performing with her own hands, all her efforts in life are integrated into the video shooting without affectation or grandstanding.She once said in an interview: " How much you want to live with your will depends more on what kind of life you want, and whether you are willing to strive for it.”

Work hard for her inner dream is the third tag of Li Ziqi

Taking off the label of internet celebrity, Li Ziqi is an ordinary person, planting rice seedlings, planting fruits, trimming flowers and plants, fighting insects...

In the video, Li Ziqi works alone in most of time, but she always asks her grandmother to eat after she finishes making meals. When they eat together on the table, everything seems so quiet. Many people say that Li Ziqi has created our desirable pastoral life. Aiming to this praise, she just said, "I didn't want to say who created the ideal life. I just photographed my desired life." Now she just enjoyed her ideal life and realized the dream that most of her peers couldn't achieve.

To sum up, Li Ziqi's video scenes are not grand, but they record the daily life of an ordinary Chinese girl. Which exactly shows the humanistic spirit of traditional Chinese culture, which is also an important consensus on the value between Chinese culture and world civilization.


The gift of times has made Li Ziqi not only the protagonist in her own videos, but also a great director who dominates her own life and destiny.

I also believe that everyone who loves life and works hard is worthy of respect.

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