What Is Li Ziqi's Real Life

What Is Li Ziqi's Real Life

What is Li Ziqi’s real life?  

Many people look forward to Li Ziqi’s rural life. However, you may not know her work is much harder than white-collar workers in offices.

Li Ziqi is totally different from other people who are popular on social media platforms. She is really special. The videos she posted are equipped with the features of antique beauty and traditional Chinese style.

A lot of people who live in a modern city want to be “Li Ziqi”. They look forward to pastoral life. But many of them cannot know that Li Ziqi’s pastoral life is not easy.


If you once lived in the countryside (It means that you had ever transplanted rice seedlings, grown vegetables, and even raise animals), you may feel her hard work.

Carry everything by herself - Li Ziqi Style 

The most difficult for Li Ziqi is all the materials in her videos are made or built by herself. For example, the ingredients (vegetables, meat, flowers) for making meals are grown by herself.

You got to know chickens, ducks, cows, and sheep are should be fed several times every day. Fruits and vegetables, always need watering, fertilizing and removing insects. Li Ziqi lives with her old grandmother, so all these things are dealt with by herself. Besides, she can also shoot and edit such excellent videos for us.

But we can feel that Ziqi really enjoys her life. As one of her hardcore fans, I wanna say thank to her. Those videos bring me feelings of a great of peace and happiness.

Li Ziqi - Be a countryman

Li Ziqi has left the unique impression - "An almighty fairy " on her fans. However, She argues she is only a countrywoman. She said, "I just shot my daily life, then made them videos. I just wanted to make a living."

Her fans always say, Li Ziqi has a good heart, Why?

Let’s read the information posted on her Weibo (Microblogging in China, or China-based microblogging services). Maybe you will know more about this girl. 

On 1st January 2019. Donation Activity

C-E translation: My dear friends! Thank you for the great support given to me! I got this award again! However, It really came as a surprise that I had won the special award with 500,000 RMB this year. So I decided to donate all bonuses to charity. It will be donated in the name of "FANS OF LI ZIQI" I believe that I couldn't get this award without your great support. My assistant’s Weibo account will publicly follow up this donation activity. I’d like to express my sincere thanks for everything you did. Thank you.

For more details of Li Ziqi. Welcome to Li Ziqi Channel on YouTube


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