Where Does Liziqi Live?

Where Does Liziqi Live?

Li Ziqi lives in Pingwu County, Mianyang City, Sichuan Province. This county is in the northwest of Sichuan basin and boasts "the No. 1 County of Giant Panda". It has mild climate and abundant rainfall, sunshine and four disdinct seasons. There are many kinds of plants and multiple scenic spots in the area. 

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Pingwu County has long been the habitat for a nationality group called Diqiang in China. And of the group, there's one natitonality called Baima Tibetan.Their religious belief is still in the original state of animism. They worship nature and the sacred mountain "Master Baima". The most important religious activity is jumping "Cao Gai", a special kind of dance. The Baima people's clothing is very characteristic,  with the men's clothing being white or blue right cardigan, tied with homemade wide belt, and women's dresses being white or colored long gowns with pleated skirts at the bottom, colorful decorations on the chest, shoulders, sleeves and hem edges of the top. Both men and women wear self-made white cashmere hats with flounces and one or more white rooster tail feathers on top, as the symbol of their nationality. Baima people are hospitable and can sing and dance well.

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 However, liziqi is not a Baima tibetant; she is Han nationality.

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