How Does Liziqi Make a Handicraft Lantern?

How Does Liziqi Make a Handicraft Lantern?

Ziqi made lanterns by hand. And if you watch carefully enough, she first takes the dried leaves or petals from between the pages of a book, and then sticks the leaves and petals onto red paper, thus making the materials and designs for wrapping the frame of a lantern. She's so ingenious.

Liziqi handmade


Li Ziqi Story

Now you can make a similar kind using our wax seal (click to buy). A wax seal is for sealing letters, postcards, etc., and even for sticking the items you wish to stick to a postcard such as dry flowers or leaves. The work resulted could be very beautiful. 

li ziqi creation

Imagine how happy your beloved one could be when she/he received such a piece of work done by you. It resembles your heart, your feelings, and your love and care for them. It's made by you. It's so endearing. The little bouquet and the sweet words under makes perfect gift for anyone in love.

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