Hanfu Accessories Retro Pearl Crane Antique Style Ear Hook Earring

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Fairy Crane - Gold
Fairy Crane - Silver
Opera - Red
Type Size (cm) Weight(g)
Crane 9*4.5 (3.54in*1.77in) 14
Opera 7.5*3 (2.95in*1.18in) 12
In China, the red-crowned crane has always been regarded as a fairy by people, and it is called "Fairy Crane", which means immortality. In ancient Chinese legends, people who have attained the Tao are often accompanied by cranes. The crane, as his seat, rides the crane to cruise the fairyland. In traditional Chinese culture, cranes symbolize longevity, elegance, auspiciousness, and loyalty.
  • Metal copper, electroplating protective layer, anti-oxidation, not easy to rust;
  • Natural freshwater pearl with uniform color, full and round, in delicate shape.

Daomadan is one of the female characters in Peking Opera. Daomadan specializes in heroines, women who carry swords on horseback, and martial arts. Most of them are marshals or generals, so they are known for their momentum. Especially responsible for performing roles in dramas that require martial arts.


  • Material: Alloy/Steel Needle/925 Silver Needle
  • Design: Chinese opera style