Chinese Red Packet for Good Wishes

red packetYou've ever seen this, haven't you? These are the famous Chinese red packets. In Chinese tradition, when there are happy occasions such as weddings or birthday parties, or the Spring Festival, people would like to give red packets to express their best wishes. So these are great gifts for you. But merely what we send to you is not to be used directly as a "gift"--You should put some money in it (the amount is up to you to decide). Yes, money. Usually, red packets are given to someone by people who are older than them, or to the bride and the bridegroom by elders and their friends. If you're not sure, please check the link to learn more about Chinese red packet culture:

red packet

Red is a very propitious colour in China. Merely the spotting of red reminds people of happiness or there must be something worth celebrating. So on happy occasions, red packets (don't forget to put in some money: ) are really good gifts. Just pay attention to the age tradition mentioned above. 

red packet

Red Packet

Product Specs:

  • 10 in a packaging, a mixture of three designs 
  • Size of the packaging: 9*18cm

Customer Reviews

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Victoria Raniel
Red envelopes

Beautiful and of good quality.
My only wish is that it should be blank so that it can be used for different occasions like birthdays, wedding, etc.

Grace Hayward Hayward
Meaningful items

I bought this just to be used next year. May it bring me good luck in advance, Aha. This is a good shop, I can buy many unique Chinese items.

Lawrence Martinez
Good wishes

Though it's not New Year, I bought this to put in one good wish everyday. Hopefully by the NEW YEAR 2022 all those good wishes would have come true.

Shanita Baggett
Great gift

I learned that red envelop is expressing good wishes. Meaningful item as a gift. Won't forget to put some money in when giving to kids.

Leo S. Orona
Its cute

i love it