Chinese Traditional Hand-forged Kitchen Knife Chopper for Bones, Wood, Chicken

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Since many fans sent emails saying: They want the chopper in Ziqi’s videos. This hand-forged chopper is ideal for cutting meat with bones, chicken, and for daily use with chopping wood, such as garden, coconuts, bamboo, bush, and camping. It is also a favorite chopper used by Ziqi. It is a very common kitchen chopper in Sichuan China, but not in other countries. Therefore, we contacted a local hand-built chopper supplier in Sichuan to purchase a batch of the same chopper to meet the fans' demand.

Before you place an order, we need to tell you about its shortcomings: It is more likely to rust than stainless steel kitchen knives. The material of this knife is spring steel, which has a relatively high carbon content of about 0.6%-0.9%, so it has a higher resistance to stretching and fatigue resistance compared to stainless steel knives and therefore harder and more durable, but it is also more likely to rust. After each use, it is necessary to clean the stains of the blade and wipe it dry. Apply a layer of cooking oil without using it for a long time. If you're just cutting vegetables, fruits, and bread, ordinary stainless steel knives may be better for you.

Liziqi Handmade kitchen knife for bones, wood, fish, vegetables

It is made with traditional Chinese hand forging.

Liziqi Handmade kitchen knife for bones, wood, fish, vegetables

Made from a single piece of spring steel without any soldering seam, it is more durable than traditional stainless steel knives.

Liziqi Handmade kitchen knife for bones, wood, fish, vegetables

The curved top of the chopper is designed so that the center of gravity of the knife is concentrated on the head of the knife. This design makes it like a hammer, and it is very labor-saving when you cut things, just like tapping something with a hammer. It is ideal for cutting meat with bones, wood, fish, and using it daily in the kitchen.



Standard/ Mini
Material: spring steel
Length of the chopper: 23.5cm / 18cm
Length of the handle: 13cm / 10cm
Width: 9.7cm / 7.6cm
Thickness of the top of the knife: 0.9cm/ 0.6cm
Weight: 0.81kg / 0.35kg.
Suitable: Cutting meat with bones, wood, fish, and using it daily in the kitchen.



Tips: The oxidized layer produced during forging is retained on the chopper, which is a protective layer. All choppers are coated with a layer of protective oil in the factory to prevent rust. Before using it for the first time, you can soak it in boiling water and clean it with a steel wool. You can clear it completely and this will not affect the chopper's use. It is recommended to clean and wipe dry it to prevent rust after each time of use.

Customer Reviews

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Daniel Gonzalez

great job guys,

Laura Rasinar
Unexpected and amazed

Thank you ❤️ we are relly impressed about the way this chopper was made. Really good quality. Looks like a chopper that will be around for your entire life (and next generation).

Marcus Grigsby

Truly this is a multi-purpose tool; slicing, chopping and more. Great weight and quality you will appreciate ... I am sure.

Norman Kohler
Yey! it's Here.

Love this knife! Sure it took a while to get here, but it was totally worth the wait. The blade is surprisingly sharp and the spring steel quality and feel are something I am not familiar with but absolutely love. This knife joins the ranks of my favorite kitchen gear!
P.S. I see a lot of comments of people who are concerned about not yet having received the product. Yes, it took longer than expected to arrive, about 38 days, and I did receive a few emails asking me to review the product before I had received it.
But it is well worth the wait. Hope this post script helps sooth some concerns.

Renee Sherman
Not too heavy. Not too light

Because this is a controlled item, it didn't arrive swiftly. That said, I was so excited when it arrived. I cleaned and seasoned it and gave it several test cuttings on anything I felt could use a good chopping in the refrigerator. I really like the weight and fit in my hands. My hands are not quite a smalland smaller than a medium size so I got the smaller chopper. It does need to have the edge sharpened a bit as it doesn't slice tomatoes and stuff with skins as clean as I like. I love it so far. I haven't used it yet to chop anything outside yet. I might have to purchase the big one for that... any excuse to buy another chopper really!!!

Love it!

Received it yesterday. Used it in my garden today. I just love it!

Darrel Krueger
Living clean

Live with home grown food, prepared with ethnic tools is rewarding and healthy.

Chow Chang
kitchen knife

knife arrived as expected. good for chopping chicken.