Snap-on Sealed Transparent Glass Jar

Many fans have sent feedback to express the products they want to buy, not only the knife but also the snap-on sealed glass jar. So we decided to sell this product in the hope of meeting the buying needs of fans. 


Snap-on Sealed Glass Jar is a very practical kitchen item. You can use it to store food, place items and keep food dry and isolate the outside air. It is a very good choice for storing coffee beans, tea, snacks, cereals, sea urchins, nuts, kimchi, seasonings, homemade jams, homemade fruit teas, homemade skin care masks, etc.


This is a lead-free snap-on sealed storage tank.  The buckle is made of environmentally friendly stainless steel. It does not rust even after prolonged use. The BPA-free food grade silicone ring protects against air and moisture and is easy to clean. The storage tank does not leak out of the bottle even if it is placed upside down.

Note: Do not add hot water directly. Hot water tends to cause the surface temperature difference to exceed 50 degrees, resulting in uneven surface heating. This may cause it to crack.