Traditional Chinese Foldable Fans


Chinese fans can date back to remote antiquity. It can be made of bamboo, feather, paper, silk, cattail leaf, and even ivory, etc. There are mainly two kinds of traditional Chinese fans, i.e. folded fans and fans with handles. For a very long time in Chinese history, people like to draw and write poems on fans, so fans are an item loaded with culture in Chinese civilization!

For folded fans, the framework is mainly bamboo or wood, and the cover is mainly paper or thin and tough silk. This makes the fan very light and easy to use. Because it can be folded, it can be taken anywhere, and opening it just takes a second. In summer days, it’s a good tool to keep you cool where there’s no air conditioner, and you can enjoy the beautiful drawings or printings on the fan which can bring you really good mood.

For women who likes to wear cheongsam, a folded fan in hand is well-matched. The fan makes her more elegant and seem virtuous, cultured.

Whether for practical use or for appreciation of this Chinese culture, fans are something that you can’t miss.  

In Chinese operas, fans are also very often used. It’s a very common stage prop. So if you are running a dance club, or an acting school, these fans are very good for you.

Just sit down sipping a cup of tea while fanning a fan is good leisure, isn’t it? The artful shape and structure and design on the fan can always make you feel relaxed. This is the charm of this unique Chinese invention.


  • Length: 21cm
  • Expanded diameter: 38cm
  • Material: Damask silk, bamboo
  • Contains: Fan x 1, Fan bag x 1, Fan box x 1


  • Folding fans are not suitable for children.
  • It is recommended not to touch the water.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Tatev Vardanyan

This fan is very precious, it is compact and elegant. I am very delighted about it!

Anna Campbell

Well made, easy to hold and fan. They were a huge hit at our outdoor Garden Party of eight guests! It helped fan the sweltering heat until the temperatures died down to a cool gentle breeze! Highly recommend these fans!

Roberta W. Warner
They work and they're really pretty.

I was truly pleased with my purchase. They are beautiful, sturdy and the quality is really good. I bought these to fan my face after I put on face products like: retinol, hyaluronic acid serum and vitamin C serum. I fan my face to make sure it is dry before I add my moisturizer. Having the pretty case to keep them in is very convenient.

Natalie Porter
Great buy

This is a beautiful fan that is a nice length for carrying in your purse. The print is very nice and the colors are pretty and soft, not garish nor too bright. The case is very handy and keeps the fan from getting bent.